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Credit Volunteer Hours (VSys Anywhere)

Credit Volunteer Hours is the simplest way of crediting volunteers with hours: find a volunteer, select job, location and other details, and post.

There are better tools if the volunteers have assignments, or if multiple volunteers will be getting the same hours and they share job associations.

  1. Enter a name, DOB, e-mail address, etc. for the volunteer to credit, then click Search.
  2. Select the volunteer.
  3. Choose the Job and Location to credit.
  4. Choose how many hours records to enter at once for this person. (Note that all records will have the same job and location.)
  5. For each record, enter the Date, Start time, End time, and then any optional Miles and accounts/metrics.
  6. Optionally enter Comments at the end; these comments will be added to all of the hours records posted here.
  7. Click Save to post these records and start again with the next volunteer.

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