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Credit Hours from Job Associations (VSys Anywhere)

Credit hours from job associations is used to credit volunteers based on active job associations. Why would you do that? Imagine the case where you don't schedule some group of volunteers, say board members, and want to credit them with hours after every board meeting.

  1. Depending on how the tool is configured, choose how to Find job associations:
    Select by job and location
    Job associations matching those for which I am a supervisor: Finds job associations which have the same Job and Location as job associations that the current user has.
    Job associations that I explicitly supervise: Job associations for which the user is the Supervisor.
  2. Set Posting date to what you want the Start date on the hours records to be.
  3. Optionally filter on Jobs and/or Locations.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Set the Duration and other properties for each person. A Duration of 0 will post no hours record.
    Note that Meal trips and other values are account records/metrics linked to the underlying job.
  6. Click Save to post the new hours records.

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