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Credit Hours via Upload (VSys Anywhere)

This tool lets you post the same or similar hours records for multiple people at once, without first manually identifying in VSys who the volunteers are.

  1. Choose what data will be included in the upload file by selecting what fields are not included (Same ... for everyone); any of these that are not checked must be in the file. As you make these changes, notice that the Data format label changes to describe the layout of how the data should be input. In this first case it's just "E-mail" since all other values (Date, Time, Duration) are set to be the same for everyone.
  2. Allow or disallow duplicate/overlapping hours.
  3. Select how the volunteer should be identified for each record: E-mail, Integration ID, Kiosk PIN, Phone, Short ID, Timeclock ID.
    For any record, if this value doesn't match a volunteer, or matches more than one volunteer, VSys will not allow you to post an hours record.
  4. Copy/paste the data. In this case it's a list of e-mail addresses.
  5. Click Upload and test.

  1. If there are no errors, click Post hours to credit these volunteers as shown.

Example with durations

Example with start time and durations uploaded

Example with date, start time and duration

In this example we're uploading the date, start time and duration for every record. Note that three of the five records have errors: here, they're missing the date.

Example with Kiosk PIN and start time

Here we're identifying the volunteers by Kiosk PIN and providing different start times for each; Date and Duration are the same for everyone. The last two rows have ambiguous volunteers, and so won't be posted.

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