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Credit Volunteer Hours Tool Profile

Bulk hours (24+ hours)

Normally VSys will limit hours here to under 24 at a time. Check this to allow long duration hours.

Show "Start time" and "End time"

Check this to show Start time and End time rather than Start time and Duration.

"Cruise ship" mode

In certain cases it's useful to post a large number of identical hours records to the same profile. Think of the case when a busload of volunteers all works at the same time and you don't have a profile for each: with this enabled you can credit, for example, fifty records of two hours each to a "team". Doing that allows you to later know that there were fifty distinct volunteers rather than a single volunteer working 100 hours.

Must be enabled in system preferences to be available here.

Never show "Distance" field

VSys will show a Distance field for assignments in jobs that support it; checking this always that field.

Jobs, Locations

If any of these are checked, hours can only be entered for those specific jobs/locations.

Show inactive jobs and locations

Normally VSys hides inactive jobs and locations; if you're looking to credit jobs or locations that have been deactivated, check this.

User must be a supervisor of the volunteer, assignment, job association or job definition

If checked, the user must be a supervisor of at least one of these things.

Require view or edit rights to person

Checking this requires that the current user have view or edit rights to the volunteer in the assignment.

Only show jobs with which the volunteer has a current or recent connection

Use this to limit the jobs shown based on the volunteer's connection to those jobs.

Apply job tags to entered hours

Job tags checked here will be added to those on the posted hours records.

For each volunteer, allow how many records at once

If this is greater than 1, the user can enter more than one hours record at a time for a given volunteer.

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