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Credit Hours from Job Associations Tool Profile

Access by job association

Sets the rules under which the user can work with job associations.

User must be a supervisor of the job association

If checked, only job associations that the current user directly supervises will be shown.

User must be a supervisor of the volunteer, job association or job definition

If checked, the current user must have at least one of these supervisory connections to any job association in order for it to be shown.

Require view or edit rights to the person

Checking this requires that the current user have view or edit rights to the volunteer in the assignment.

Apply job tags to entered hours

Job tags checked here will be added to those on the posted hours records.

Allow if volunteer already has hours for the given time period

Normally VSys will prevent the posting of overlapping hours here; checking this allows those duplicated hours. (You'd normally use this when posting bulk hours for some time period.)

Entering "0" as the duration posts an empty hours record

Know that the volunteer performed no hours during some time period? Posting a zero-duration hours record lets you know that there were no hours rather than your wondering if they simply didn't report them.

Never show "Distance" field

VSys will show a Distance field for assignments in jobs that support it; checking this hides that field always.

Jobs, Locations

Any checked jobs or locations here will limit the job associations shown to those jobs/locations.

Show inactive jobs and locations

Normally VSys hides inactive jobs and locations; if you're looking to credit jobs or locations that have been deactivated, check this.

Max records to show at once

No more than this number of records will be shown at once.

Max days in past

Limits how far in the past hours can be posted.

Max hours

Limits the duration of any single hours record.

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