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Job Signup Restrictions

Job signup restrictions are designed to let you apply complex rules to allowing or disallowing a volunteer's selecting a job slot online. How do they work?

Job signup restrictions are specific to individual VSys Live sites.

Example rule


For your use.


Rules are processed in order, from lowest to highest.

Rule effective date, Rule expiration date

This rule is only effective during this date range (this isn't the slot's date, it's today's date).


An inactive rule is ignored.

Jobs, Locations, Job tags, Supervisors

All of these must match the corresponding property of the job slot.

People types, Groups, Volunteer types

All of these must match the current volunteer.


The volunteer must be on one or more of these lists; use Intellilists where you need more complex criteria for matching people.


"Allow" or "Deny".

Stop processing other rules if this one matches

If this rule matches and this is not checked, other rules later in the list will be checked and can override this one if they match.

Message to show on deny

Only if Result is "Deny"; shown to volunteer.

Example detail rule

There are three rule types: Assignments, Job associations and Hours: These compare the current slot against the volunteer's other assignments, job associations and hours respectively. If there are more than one detail rules, all of those detail rules must match for the overall restriction rule to match.


For your use.

Rule type

Assignment, Job associations or Hours.


These rules are also processed in order from lowest to highest.

Minimum date, Maximum date

When checking assignments and hours, this limits those to only assignments and hours within this specific date range.

Min days relative to slot date, Max days relative to slot date

When checking assignments and hours, this limits those to only assignments and hours within the given number of days relative to the slot date. For example, -15 to 45 would look only at assignments fifteen days before the slot and 45 days after it.

Minimum count, Maximum count

Minimum and maximum count of assignments, job associations or hours that meet these criteria. Tip: use 0 and 0 to require that no assignments, etc. are permitted that match.

Minimum duration sum, Maximum duration sum

For assignments and hours, the sum of duration of those assignments or hours records.

Matches job

No filter, Different, Same: compares the slot's job against the job in the assignments, etc.

Matches job group

As above, but looks compares the job group of the slot against the job group of the assignment, etc.

Matches location

No filter, Different, Same: compares the slot's location against the location in the assignments, etc.

Matches supervisor

No filter, Different, Same: compares the slot's supervisor against the supervisor in the assignments, etc.

Requires that the feature VSys Live: Advanced job signup restrictions and signup window rules be enabled.

Job signup restrictions are not part of the standard VSys Live implementation. In general, installing and configuring this option comes with an additional fee. See Advanced features for information.

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