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Advanced Feature Enabling

Some VSys Live options are disabled by default as they're not commonly used.

Disable caching of whole pages when no user is logged in

When no one is logged into VSys Live, VSys Live normally caches the content of the generated page and re-uses it the next time that page is displayed. (Since no one is logged in, user-specific content isn't relevant.) This makes the page load much faster.

Check this box to prevent VSys Live from caching these pages.

Disable job/slot invitation codes

Checking this suppresses the "Invitation codes" properties for jobs and job slots.

Disallow use of passwords on the insecure/disallowed passwords list

Checking this prevents VSys Live users from self-selecting insecure/disallowed passwords.

Enable caching of whole pages for logged-in users

This lets VSys Live avoid recalculating pages for logged-in users. It's helpful when the system is under heavy load, but can result in stale data being displayed. Note that any page with an action link on it is never cached.

Enable CSS options

(deprecated, do not use)

Enable downloadable file groups

These are groupings of downloadable files, and used to organize and provide download rights to those files.

Enable GPS geolocation

Checking this tells VSys Live to request GPS information from site visitors (experimental).

Enable IP address geolocation

Tells VSys Live to use an internal or specified external file for mapping IP addresses to geographic locations. Note that IP geolocation is very, very broad! It can usually get the right state/province and be in the neighborhood for city, and not always that when using a mobile device.

Enable job slot waitlists

Enables slot waitlists.

Enable long cache times for page definitions

Useful when VSys Live will be under heavy load; administrative page setup changes may take much longer to take effect if this is enabled.

Enable menu styles

(deprecated, do not use)

Enable mobile pages un-forward...

When a VSys Live page that's designated as the "mobile forward" of another page, i.e. accessing that non-mobile page would automatically show the mobile version, if this is checked then accessing the mobile version from a non-mobile device will automatically the non-mobile version.

Enable open schedule jobs

Enables signup for jobs that don't necessarily have fixed schedules.

Enable page aliases

For VSys Live pages, lets you set "alternate URLs", that is, additional names by which the page can be accessed. For example, adding "/signup" to your initial application page makes that page accessible as both "/pages/whatever" and "/signup". This is especially useful if you are migrating to VSys Live from some other system and there are pre-existing published links to pages that don't exist with the same URLs in VSys Live as they did in the previous system.

Enable RSS feeds

Enables RSS feeds, especially useful for news items.

Enable VSys Live local file downloads

Local file downloads are files in the local file system, e.g. "\\server\sharedfiles\somefile.pdf" that you want to make available for download using VSys Live, but don't want to put into the VSys Live database.

Even with VSys Kiosk disabled, allow kiosk ID to be referenced

If you're not using VSys Kiosk or VSys Live Kiosk, it may be helpful to have the Kiosk ID property of people available.

For a URL like /pages/something...

(internal use only)

Hide inactive VSys Live sites

If checked, VSys Live sites marked Inactive won't appear in the VSys Live sites and settings tool.

When saving a newly-created person, automatically check the property "Can self-enter hours"

In VSys One, when creating a new person, if this field is checked the person will automatically be allowed to self-enter hours

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