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Retrieving Sterling/Verified Volunteers Background Check Results

In 2018, Sterling Volunteers added a mechanism by which VSys can directly query VV, requesting all current results. Unlike the previous retrieval process in which VV sent the data to a common VSys endpoint which copies of VSys could then query for specific results, calling this new API is the equivalent of asking "What's up?" The API's response to this query is to return the current status of every request sent by the current client in the last twelve months, including any updates which may have been made to those results based on newly-found derogatory information.

You should always use the settings below. For backwards compatibility reasons other options remain enabled, and the Count available records button remains in place.

As with sending requests, retrieving the results from Sterling Volunteers can be done manually or as a scheduled task.

Steps in this task

  1. From Screening click on Retrieve automated request results.
  2. Choose Sterling/Verified Volunteers.
  3. Click Retrieve. VSys will retrieve all of the current results from the vendor, then mark them in VSys appropriately. See Sterling/Verified Volunteers Automatic Adjudication Statuses.

As of version 4.0, VSys only supports Sterling Volunteers' aggregate API retrieval mode.

The retrieval process can and should be automated using a scheduled task.

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