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Sterling/Verified Volunteers

Sterling Volunteers (previously "Verified Volunteers") Volunteers accepts requests from VSys via an XML web interface. This lets you automate the process of submitting background check requests from VSys into Sterling Volunteer's systems.

After setting up Sterling Volunteers background checks, your day-to-day steps are:

  1. Entering background check requests into VSys (manually or using VSys Live).
  2. Submitting requests to Sterling Volunteers (manually or using a scheduled task).
  3. The volunteer applicant is sent an e-mail by Sterling Volunteers. The applicant then:
  4. Sterling Volunteers applies their checks and logic to the request.
  5. Retrieving results using VSys One.
  6. Manually handling of any results that were not automatically given a status by Sterling Volunteers and/or VSys One.

Entering new requests into VSys, submitting requests to Sterling Volunteers and retrieving results can be done at any time: you don't need to wait for existing records to be processed before sending new requests. VSys always downloads the most recent data each time you retrieve results.

In This Section

Setting Up Sterling/Verified Volunteers

Entering Sterling/Verified Volunteers Background Check Requests

Sending Sterling/Verified Volunteers Background Check Requests for Processing

Retrieving Sterling/Verified Volunteers Background Check Results

Sterling/Verified Volunteers Processing Notes

Verified Volunteers Applicant Experience

Sterling/Verified Volunteers Automatic Adjudication Statuses

Request Results Handling

Sterling/Verified Volunteers Example Results

Sterling/Verified Volunteers Preferred Configuration

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