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Request Results Handling

After the raw results have been downloaded, they must be checked and approved or rejected by a human operator. VSys will never make any acceptance or rejection decisions for you - this process requires a trained user to intelligently determine the suitability of every applicant.

Sterling Volunteers may adjudicate volunteer screenings on your behalf; see Sterling/Verified Volunteers Automatic Adjudication Statuses.

Steps in this task

  1. From Screening, under Background check processing, open the Background check results handling tool.
  2. Select the appropriate Request type, in this case the vendor you're working with.
  3. Enter any filters such as Record statuses, Date exported, etc. criteria at the top. For manual background checks, or those which were exported to an unsupported vendor, make sure that your Record statuses include enter the appropriate values so you can see the records you sent.
  4. Click on each record, and examine the results at the bottom. Is this volunteer acceptable? Unacceptable? Needs further checking?

On the right-click menu

Edit Volunteer

Edit request

Edits the request, as shown here.

Edit results

The results for this volunteer. This is a separate certification and each person has just one. If none exists, VSys will make it here.


Brings up the Profile editor for this person.


Mark background status

Sets the background check results status for this volunteer to Unknown, Green, Yellow, Red or Unprocessed. This is not the status of the current request, but instead the results for the volunteer's Background results certification.

Add a new background check request for this volunteer

For volunteers who need additional checking, adds a new background check request of the type that you specify for this person. You can then send that request as part of the regular processing cycle next time you send background check requests.

This record

Options for sending a letter to this volunteer.


All/None or Reverse the checkboxes for these requests.

Selected records

Options for sending a letter to the checked volunteers.

Add/remove from/to list

Adds or removes the selected volunteer(s) to or from a temporary or standard list.

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