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Sterling/Verified Volunteers Processing Notes

Tips and notes

The fields Has "Clear", Has "Consider" and "Has Unperformable" are special fields sent by VV. VSys does not make any use of them and a value or lack of a value in them does not necessarily indicate acceptability or a need to reject an applicant. Speak with your Sterling Volunteers representative for more information.

Special results

VV orderId [xxx] does not match vendor reference [yyy]; this is usually the result of multiple requests being sent to VV from the same background check request. This incoming node is intentionally ignored.

This can happen if the same VSys background request was sent to VV more than once. That's possible if, after a successful send, the user changes the Processing status of the request to Ready to send, in which case VSys may re-send the request. Under that circumstance there would be two or more requests on the VV side, both of which map to a single request in VSys. VSys will ignore (usually) all results from VV for other than he most recent order.

VV orderId [xxx] does not match vendor reference (blank!!!); THIS SHOULD NOT NORMALLY HAPPEN! Incoming node is intentionally ignored.

While this should not happen, it's possible under some circumstances for an order to be submitted to VV which does not match the request to which it's matched. Under these circumstances VSys will ignore any results from VV for that order.

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