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Installing VSys One

VSys One can be installed in any of three different ways:

Note that installing to a common folder is okay for small numbers of users on a local network. For larger numbers of users or a non-local network, this can be very slow as the VSys executable is moved back and forth across the network.

Normally you'll use the VSys One Installer for this process, but VSys doesn't require that. VSys is very flexible: if you put VSys.exe into a folder and run it, VSys will prompt you for a serial number, let you connect it to a database and it will just work. It does this by not requiring the installation of any DLL files and by not needing to write to the Windows registry. This flexibility is how you can install VSys once and then have any number of users on different machines run VSys by simply giving them shortcuts to the common VSys.exe file.

Steps in this task

  1. With everyone logged out of VSys, run the file VSysOneInstaller.exe. If the "Open File - Security Warning" dialog comes up, select Run to continue.
  2. On the introduction page, read the license and warranty statement. If and only if you agree to this, check the box I agree to be bound by the above license terms and click Next.
  3. Choose the folder where VSys should be installed. Click on the folder icon to help you find or create the folder.
  4. Enter the registration information: User name, Company name, and Serial number. If you have a previous installation of VSys One you can load this data from an existing VSys.ini file by clicking on the Find registration... link to find that .ini file. If there are any problems with the registration information you enter, an error message will show and the Next button will be disabled. (If VSys has already been installed into this folder and you're just updating it, this information should already be filled in.)

    You can install VSys One to a network share and have multiple users access the same installation without installing it on every workstation that needs it. If you're doing that, select an appropriate share as the Folder to install VSys One into and be sure that you have write access to that folder. For a Terminal Services or Citrix installation, install VSys someplace appropriate on those servers.
  5. Click Next to continue to Database settings page.
  6. Connect to your database.

    When you click Next VSys will attempt to connect to your database. Verify the login information if prompted.
  7. Choose what additional VSys tools to install (Standalone E-mail Robot, VSys Kiosk, VSys Lite) and whether to create any shortcuts to VSys and where they should be placed.
  8. To automatically install sample or converted data or to restore from a backup file, check both Launch VSys One when the installation process is complete and Install data from a backup or sample database. Then enter the backup file's name or use the folder button to find it. VSys will restore this to your database when it first starts up.
  9. Click Finish to actually start the installation process. The installer will detail its progress as it goes along, but once started the process cannot be stopped.

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