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Zip/postal codes

After installing VSys, on the Administrator tools panel click the link Check for zip/postal code updates. This can be used to populate the "zips" table with US zip codes and/or Canadian postal codes. You only need to do this once: all users sharing the same database share the same "zips" table.

Converted data

If this is your converted data, check it!

Remember that once you start using your final conversion data, if you find things missing/wrong in the future, any re-conversion would overwrite anything you've added to, changed or deleted from VSys One. If this isn't your final data, the next conversion pass will overwrite anything you do between now and that pass. This is a good opportunity to "play" in VSys to explore and try things out since everything you do will be un-done with the next conversion pass.

Configure VSys Security

When you first install VSys One and your data, VSys Security is not enabled. Any user accounts in your source database (Volunteer Works, Raiser's Edge, Volgistics) have not been converted. If you want to use VSys Security, you'll need to set that up yourself.


VSys One can be backed up either or both of two ways:

We recommend that you use both methods of backup. Your SQL Server databases are probably backed up on a nightly (or more regular) basis and this is done transparently to VSys and the end users. Backups using VSys One can be done on whatever basis you most feel comfortable with, but daily or more often is best.

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