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Installing/Restoring Converted Data

If you already have your data installed, skip this step.

If you've used the VSys One Installer, you may have already restored your newly-converted data. If not, when VSys One starts up, you have two possibilities:

Steps in this task

In the absence of its expected database tables, VSys will prompt you to do a schema update. If the Table Schema Update Wizard appears, click Cancel when it comes up.

  1. If VSys starts up and gets to the VSys One main screen, exit VSys One. Start VSys One again but this time hold down the left Ctrl key as VSys starts. This will cause VSys to stop before connecting to the database.
  2. From the Connect to which database screen, click Tools then select Restore from a backup to this database.
  3. Follow the instructions to Restore From a Backup

If your converted data is coming from Volunteer Works, please see the Volunteer Works Conversion Notes.

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