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Signup For In-person Trainings

See Online trainings for trainings delivered directly by VSys Live.

You can use VSys Live to let your volunteers sign up for trainings.

Training settings

  1. Within the VSys Live setup tool, check the box Enable training signup. You can then also allow volunteers to cancel their trainings by checking Enable training cancellation.
  2. Define the requirements for volunteers. Only those who meet these criteria of status, types and groups will be offered the option of signing up for trainings online.
  3. Choose a default status for new trainings. When a volunteer signs up online for a training, his training record will get this status. If all trainings should always be considered to be approved, set the status to Registered. If you want to be able to approve their trainings first, select another value like Pending.
  4. Click Save to commit your choices.

Add a training lookup tool

  1. Add the action link "Training signup" and configure it appropriately.
  2. In the site's menu, add that action link so that it's accessible to volunteers.

Setting up training courses for VSys Live

Use the Training courses tool under the User tools panel to define your training courses as usual. To exclude a specific course from online signup, check the box Don't show this course for self-signup on VSys Live in that course's properties.

Managing trainings

As your volunteers sign up online, training records are created automatically. You can see those training records within the volunteer's profile as well as in the Training manager on the User tools panel.

If you have set up the status of the training to be automatically approved (Registered) they will show up in the Training Courses. If your volunteers' trainings need approval, use the Training manager at regular intervals to find training records needing your approval. Select a filter on Status of Pending, then click the Get trainings button. Approve or reject each training, and optionally send a letter to these volunteers using the tools on the right-click menu.

When it's time to run the training itself, use the various training reports to print rosters and sign-in sheets. After the training, open the course itself and set the status of attendees as appropriate: Complete, Did not show, etc. You can send out letters and print completion certificates here, too.

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