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Automatic Nominations

Computers are good at understanding rules. If you can define the "rules" for who is eligible for an award, VSys can search your volunteer records and determine who meets the criteria for each type of award. The exception to this are "Subjective" awards which do not have "rules" that VSys can understand. Subjective awards must be created and assigned manually.

Awards manager screen showing automatic nominations

Steps in this task

  1. Select Awards manager from the User tools panel, then click on the Make automatic nominations link on the left navigation bar.
  2. Select the appropriate Award type and the Effective date. Note only hours up to and on the effective date are included in the calculations.
  3. Optionally filter recipients on Groups and/or People Types. Only people in the selected groups and of the chosen type will be nominated. Leave at (no filter) to choose all groups or types.
  4. Click Make nominations. VSys will go through each type of award one by one and find the people eligible for it.
  5. Check the list of created awards and determine which ones are appropriate. Right-click on an individual award to edit its status, add comments, delete incorrect awards, or edit the award's recipient.
  6. Change the award statuses in bulk by selecting the awards, then right-click and choose Selected Awards and then Set values. From there you will be able to change the status and date for all of the selected awards. You will probably want to change the status from System created to Nominated or Awarded.
  7. Right-clicking on the selected awards gives you the option to send letters for these awards or print mailing labels. To send letters, you must have a letter template with a Data type of Award.
  8. Click Save to commit your changes.


Setup award types

Takes you to Award Setup where you can define the types of awards and the rules used for automatic nomination.

Export to Excel

Export the information on all selected awards to an Excel file.


View/edit existing awards

Brings up a list of awards in people's records based on your criteria.

Make automatic nominations

Applies the award type rules to find people eligible for the award types you've selected.

On the right-click menu

Right-click on an item in this list to edit its properties and for other relevant tools.

Edit award

Edits this award.

Edit person

Edits the person associated with this award.

Save this award

Saves just this award to the database.


Marks this award for deletion. Note the award isn't actually deleted until Save is clicked.

Send this person a letter or message

Brings up a list of letter templates which are based on awards. Selecting one merges the current award with that template.

Nominate someone for an award

Select a person, then create a single award for that person.

Export to Excel

Export the information on all selected awards to an Excel file.


Checks All, None or Reverse for the checkboxes on awards.

Selected awards

Performs the selected action for all awards which are checked.

Send a letter

Brings up a list of letter templates which are based on awards. Selecting one merges the selected awards with that template.

Set values

Lets you set the Status, Date nominated and/or Date awarded for all of the selected awards in one operation without affecting the other values.


Saves only the selected awards.


Deletes only the selected awards.

Add... /Remove...

Adds or removes the selected awards' recipients to/from a standard or temporary list.



Adds or removes the selected person to or from a standard or temporary list.

In Award types setup, change When nominating awards... property to Nominated from System created to save having to change them after automatic nominations.

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