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Manual Nominations

You can make manual nominations of awards from the Awards manager as well as from within an individual's profile. Manual nominations are done for subjective awards like "Most Friendly Volunteer" as well as to handle mid-year awards and fill in gaps where the automatic nomination process missed an award.

From within the Awards manager

  1. Right-click on the awards grid in the center of the screen (it's okay if this list is empty). Select Nominate someone for an award, then select the award type.
  2. Find the appropriate person and click on their name to select them.
  3. Edit the award's properties and click Save.

From within an individual's profile

Awards panel in the Profile Editor

  1. From the Awards panel in the volunteer's Profile editor, click on Add award. If this panel isn't visible, click on the Awards link on the left navigation bar.
  2. Select an award type, then edit the award's details.
  3. Click Save to save the award.

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