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Awards Based on Accounts

Awards can be generated based on the balance of an account. Accounts in turn can be credited during hours entry or kiosk checkout, or via bonus hours rules. Why would you do this?




Account whose balance is checked and optionally debited.

Account balance required

The account balance must be at least this amount, and if the account is to be debited on award, it will be debited this amount.

Account record start date, Account record end date

The volunteer's account balance is the sum of credits and debits during this time period. Leaving Account record start date blank will have VSys look at records back to the beginning. If Account record end date is blank VSys will use the effective date specified when you're running automatic nominations.

Debit account this amount when awarded

When an award is saved - regardless of its status - if this is checked, the volunteer's account will be debited by Account balance required. If you later delete this award the debit will be reversed.

Debit account as of the award's "Date awarded"

If this is checked then an account debit is done with a date equal to the Date awarded property of the award. If The Date Awarded field is blank VSys will use the Date nominated field. If the Date nominated field is blank VSys will use the current date.

Un-checked, VSys will use the Account record end date, followed by the Date awarded, then Date nominated, then the current date.

Award as many times as possible

If a volunteer is eligible for more than one of these awards, VSys will generate as many awards as possible given the account's balance and the award's rules. For example a volunteer having an account balance of 174 with the award definition above would get three awards and three debits, bringing his balance down to 24.

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