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IFI Tasks

There are eighteen different import tasks, and these tell IFI what you’re trying to accomplish by importing this file.

Account records (people): Creates and edits, but does not delete, account transaction records.

Addresses (people) (outside of a project): Adds or updates address information for the given person.

Assignments (people) (both globally and within a project): Assigns people to specific jobs. When working within a project, to be given a job assignment, a person must already be registered in the project. See Module-specific notes for more information.

Awards (people): Creates, edits and deletes awards (recognition) records.

Comments (people): Attaches comments to people.

Groups: Creates or edits groups, which are how people in VSys are organized globally. Groups are found by their existing name.

Hours (people): Gives volunteers credit for work that they've performed. For incoming records, IFI will not allow you to duplicate existing credited hours, and if it can find an assignment for the person which matches the start time for the hours, it will keep that information rather than what you are importing here.

Interviews (not assigned to an interviewee): Creates new interviews which have no interviewee assigned, e.g. to create interviews available for online signup using VSys Live.

Interviews (people): Creates, edits or deletes interviews.

Job associations associated (people): Creates, edits or deletes job associations.

Jobs/job groups: Creates and edits jobs and job groups and their attributes for that context (either globally or the current project).

Lists (people): Adds or removes people from standard lists (you can’t change a person’s presence on an Intellilist, since they're automatically calculated).

Locations: Creates and edits locations and their attributes for that context (either globally or the current project).

Mandates (people): Creates, edits and deletes mandates.

Memberships (people): Creates, edits and deletes membership records.

People (create/update): Updates one person per record in the incoming data. Things you can do in this task: create/update or delete a person, add/update addresses, add/update/delete certifications, update custom fields values, add/remove from lists, update skills, requests, availability, etc.

Slots: This task lets you create job slots in bulk. IFI does not check for conflicts here, and job slots cannot be edited or deleted using this task.

Trainings (people): Creates, edits and deletes training records.

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