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IFI Tools

On the left navigation bar you will find the tools for working with IFI.


Load/save settings

Loads and saves the task, field mappings and module-specific options into a named setting that you can reload again in the future. (Does not save settings to or load them from a file.)

Load settings (file)

Loads a saved task, field mappings and module-specific options.

Save settings (file)

Saves the import task, field mappings and module-specific options you've specified into a file so you can re-use them again later. This is very handy if you import the same type of file more than once.

Field matching

(This only appears after a file has been selected for import.)

Auto-match fields

Tells IFI to un-do any field mappings you've created and try to automatically determine what incoming fields go to which modules.

Verify field matches

Has each active module check to see that any required fields are present.

Clear field mappings

Removes all source -> field mappings.

Import Modules

Shows which parts of VSys IFI expects to update with the data in your file.


Module-specific options

Shows a dialog with options that are appropriate to the modules which are enabled.

User comments

Opens a prompt that lets you put comments into this setup; these are most commonly used as notes to your future self on why an import is configured the way it is.


Reload file

If you've made changes to the file you’re trying to import using another program, click this to have IFI reload the file to see the latest update. Note that IFI may fail if it’s not able to open the file, which will happen with Excel files if Excel still has them open.

Clear "Processed" field

For all records in the current file, takes the Processed field and sets it to FALSE. Use this if you’re importing multiple types of data in different tasks, e.g. crediting volunteer hours and making assignments in one file.

Print valid fields report

For all import modules valid for the current task, prints a list of the fields and values which can be used.

Convert Excel file to dBase

Excel files can be very slow to process: every time VSys writes a value to that file, it has to rewrite the entire file. This link makes a best effort conversion of the open Excel file into a dBase file; dBase files are very fast to process since they can be written on a record-by-record basis.

Convert dBase file to Excel

After you've imported that dBase file - which was awesomely quick compared to its original Excel format - use this to convert back to Excel where you can more easily view the results.

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