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Notes On Fields and How They're Interpreted

For most types of fields, no value (blank) is ignored. This means that you can’t erase a text, combo, checklist or memo field by leaving it blank in the import file.

Hint: Put an exclamation point all by itself in the field to erase it. IFI will interpret the value as blank, but still use it to overwrite the value in the data.

Boolean (yes/no) – "TRUE", "T", "Y", "1" and "S" are considered to be "true"; "FALSE", "F", "N", and "0" are "false".

Combo – not case-sensitive, spaces and punctuation ignored. For both this and checklist fields you can enter the codes (where applicable) or the descriptions. Note if more than one item has the same description, IFI will use whichever one it comes across first. In cases like these you should use the code since it is always unique.

Checklist – separated by commas, not case-sensitive, spaces and punctuation ignored. Preceding the value with a "+" (plus) symbol will edit the existing value, adding the new value(s) to the list. Preceding it with "-" (negative) edits the existing value, removing the new value(s) from the list.

Date, time and datetime – for Excel and dBase, enter them such that the application (Excel, dBase) understands them. For text files, use mm/dd/yyyy format.

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