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VSys Web Advanced Concepts

VSys Web Advanced is, as its name implies, a more advanced version of the original VSys Web. It has much of the same functionality as VSys Web with a very different look and feel.

Bespoke hosts VSys Web Advanced for you. Your copy of VSys connects to your VSys Web Advanced database hosted on our server. This is a "disconnected" system in that the website does not have live access to your local VSys One database. It has the benefit of not requiring a full-time fixed network connection but the downside is that you must regularly "synchronize" the VSys local database with the web database. Fortunately this synchronization is a very easy process.

VSys Web Advanced, like VSys Web before it, can be configured for self-hosting on your own server. It's still the same VSys Web Advanced with exactly the same set of features, but it can be run under your own control and in your own dedicated environment. Talk to your VSys One sales representative about availability and pricing for this option.

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