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Recurring Interviews

Recurring interviews give you a way to schedule, for example, interviews for volunteer signup:

These aren't "real" interviews in that they don't appear in the Interview Manager and can't be edited individually. Instead they're "virtual" interviews: when a volunteer searches for an interview time online, they'll be shown these interviews (in addition to any that have been created explicitly). If they sign up for one of these it becomes an actual interview in their profile and in Interview Manager.

When searching for interviews, VSys:

  1. Creates all of the interviews which meet the rules here,
  2. Removes any excluded dates or holidays,
  3. Removes any scheduled interviews: those with an assigned volunteer and a status of "Scheduled". Note that when comparing a scheduled interview to see if it matches a recurring one, VSys requires that it have the same Start, Duration, Type and Location; it does not compare Interviewer.

It then shows the remaining ones to eligible volunteers.

Changing a recurring interview (this tool) does not affect any interviews already scheduled.

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