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Interview Manager

The Interview manager lets you work with interviews across types, interviewers, locations, results and dates. When the weather forecast says snow is coming on Friday, use the Interview manager to find all in-person interviews scheduled for that day, reschedule them and send out new letters. It also allows you to export your schedule to Outlook or vCalendar formats.

From either User tools or Screening, select the Interview manager link.
Interview mananger screen

Use the filters under Criteria to find interviews based on Interview type, Status, Results, Locations, Interviewers, Interviewee, dates, scores and reschedule counts.

Once you have identified the interviews that you want, click on any record to see or edit it. From here you can also run reports, export interviews to your calendar or use the options on the right-click menu to schedule new interviews or communicate with interviewees.


Interview reports

Various reports based on interviews.

Setup interviewers

Setup tool to define who is permitted to perform interviews.

Setup interview types

Defines the types of interviews you run.

On the right-click menu

Schedule a new interview

Prompts you to select a volunteer, then creates a new interview for that person. You may also create interviews where the interviewee is unassigned. These are used primarily to indicate interviewer availability so that you can later schedule actual volunteers/prospects into these interviews.

This interview

Edit record

Edits the interview.


Deletes the interview.

Remove interview

Removes the interviewee leaving the interview in place.

View person

Brings up the interviewee in the Profile editor as read-only.

Edit person

Brings up the interviewee in the Profile editor.

Send a letter

Selects a letter template then merges it with this person and interview.


Selected interviews

Send a letter

Selects a letter template then merges it with all selected people and interviews.

Delete, Un-delete

Deletes or un-deletes the selected interviews. (As long as the interview is visible on-screen, even if it's deleted, it can be un-deleted.)



Selects All/None or Reverse the checkboxes on the results list of interviews.

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