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Bulk Interviews Creator

The Bulk interviews creator tool looks similar to the Bulk value updater but instead of updating existing things it creates new interviews given your criteria. From the User tools panel, under Bulk update/create tools then Bulk interviews creator.

Steps in this task

  1. Select an Interview type.
  2. Choose a Rule:
    "Create only if interview not already present": if this person already has an interview of this type, VSys won't make another for that person.
    "Always create interview": regardless of whether or not the person has one of these interviews, VSys will add a new one.
  3. Edit interview data. Here you can define the values of many of the fields which will be inserted into the new interview.
  4. Select the criteria for the people to get these interviews.
  5. Click on Get eligible people. This brings up a list of people who meet your criteria above.
  6. If these are the right people, check some or all of them, then click on Create interviews. VSys will create the interviews and give you a log of what it did.

Use the Load/save settings link to save the settings you've used here for future use, or to re-use settings that you've saved in the past.

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