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Scheduling Interviews

Schedule interviews for volunteers from within the Profile editor or from the Interview manager.

Interview editor screen

Field name


Interview type

What kind of interview is this - initial screening? Follow-up? Job satisfaction?


The person being interviewed. Use the Edit link, if present, to choose who's being interviewed or to set it to "(unassigned)" which indicates that the interview is scheduled but no one is assigned to it yet.


Staff member performing the interview. (You can set up interviewers from the Interview manager or from the Setup panel.)


Where the interview will take place. Define a location of "Phone interview" in the Locations tool if appropriate.

Start date, Start time

Scheduled start day and time for the interview.


Estimated interview duration. This is used as the basis for crediting the interviewee with volunteer hours, if applicable.


Cancelled, Completed, Cancelled by interviewee, Missed by interviewee, Missed by interviewer, Rescheduled, Scheduled or Unscheduled.

Reschedule count

Use this to keep track of how many times an interview has been rescheduled by the volunteer to know which ones are unlikely to show up next time, or simply should not be rescheduled again.


Acceptable, Good, n/a, Needs followup or Unacceptable.


How the volunteer fared in the interview, the values here can be anything appropriate to your organization.

Followup date

Use this field to note when a followup interview or evaluation is needed.


Any text comments. These can appear on reports and in mail merges.

On the left side you may see the link See transitions. If that link is visible, clicking it will show you changes that have been made to the interview's Status and Result fields. The link Require notification, if present, posts a special type of transition record. It tells VSys that the next time a letter is sent to volunteers regarding interviews, and that letter only goes to those whose interviews have changed since the last time such a letter is sent, VSys will consider the interview to have been changed even if you make no changes here.

VSys gives you the option to set up interviews without specifying the interviewee. You may want to do this to block off time on an interviewer's calendar before knowing who is going to be interviewed. From the Interview manager, right-click in the interview grid and select Schedule a new interview and With no interviewee assigned. Fill in the information about the interview slot and click Save. Once you know who is being interviewed, edit the interview and add the interviewee by using the Edit link over the Interviewee field. Or, use the Create Open Interviews tool.

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