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Create Open Interviews

The Create Open Interviews tool lets you make multiple interviews at once, all with no Interviewee assigned.

  1. From the Screening page, click Create open interviews.
  2. Choose a single Interview type, Interviewer, Location, and the Duration of each interview. Note that all interviews will have the same values for all of these.
  3. Set how many interviews should run concurrently. In the example below we've set Count at each time to 2, which means that for every combination of date and start time, VSys will create two identical interviews.
  4. Enter a list of dates for the interviews, separated by commas. VSys will create interviews on all of these dates. You can also put in date ranges here, for example "5/1/2019-12/31/2019".
  5. Enter a list of Start times for the interviews, separated by commas. You can enter times as "9am", "9:30am", "noon", etc.
  6. Select Days of week; only interviews that fall on these days will be created.
  7. Optionally select Excluded holidays; if any interview here would fall on one of these dates, VSys will skip that date.
  8. Click Test create interviews. VSys will create interviews according to your rules and display them.
  9. Interviews look right? Click Save selected records. Mostly right? Edit records by clicking on them, and/or un-check any that you don't want to save. Completely wrong? Try again with changed criteria at the top and click Test create interviews again.

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