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Login Notifications

Login notifications define the e-mails and/or SMS/text messages sent to volunteers when their account password is reset or changed and when their account is locked out because of failed login attempts.

You have two merge templates for each type of notification: one each for e-mail and SMS/text messages. These are simplified mail merges with few features. To add a "field" to the template, right-click in the template. When notifications are needed, VSys Live generates them if the template for that method is not blank and if the recipient can be contacted using that method. If both methods are available, VSys Live will send the notification to both of them.

Right-click tools


Shows a list of fields which can be added.

Run sample merge

Creates and shows a sample notification based on this template.

Load built-in

Loads the built-in (example) template for this notification.

This is a test message so you can see ahead of time what is being sent.

Do not include HTML formatting in templates used for SMS/text messages: SMS doesn't support HTML and the output will be garbled.

Notification type


Administrator messages

Used for manually sending a volunteer his user ID and password.

Self-reset passwords

Run when the user resets his password because he's lost it, not when he changes his existing one after confirming the current one. Two notifications are created: one with the new password ("E-mail body with new password" and/or "SMS body with new password") and one that informs the user that his password was reset ("Notification e-mail" and/or "Notification SMS").


Runs when the user changes his password online after confirming the current password.

Account lockouts

Runs when the user's account is locked out based on too many consecutive failed logins.

The field New password will only include the person's password when included in the "E-mail body with new password" and "SMS body with new password" notifications. In other notifications this field will always be blank.


When VSys Live generates these notifications, they can be delivered immediately by VSys Live, or by the Standalone E-mail Robot.

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