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Incoming Messages via E-mail

VSys can automatically retrieve incoming e-mails from your volunteers by querying your mail server, then produce incoming messages based on those e-mails. Each incoming e-mail setting is used to retrieve mail from a single account on a single mail server. You can use multiple incoming e-mail settings to have VSys retrieve mail from multiple accounts on multiple servers. Each setting also includes a filter mechanism so that you can classify messages by subject and/or recipient e-mail address.

To define, incoming e-mail settings, from the Incoming messages manager, click on Setup methods. Click on Add incoming e-mail settings to define a new server/account, or click on an existing setting to edit it. If creating new settings, choose MAPI (retrieves e-mail from your Outlook profile; only available when VSys is being run on the same machine that Outlook is) or POP 3 (the Internet standard mechanism for e-mail retrieval).

General settings


(MAPI only) The profile that VSys uses for retrieving e-mails. You will probably only have one option here.

Server, Login ID

(POP only) The server to connect to and which e-mail account to log in as.

Password, Confirm password

Usually only needed for POP accounts.

Delete messages from server after retrieval

(POP only) If this is checked, after VSys retrieves e-mails from your mail server it will delete them from the server. How you use this will depend on whether or not you're also retrieving mail from that server using other programs such as webmail.


(POP only) Overrides the default port used for communicating with your mail server; leave this as 0 unless your IT department tells you otherwise.


(POP only) Defines how or if VSys should negotiate encrypted communications with your mail server. Try "Require TLS" first (requires encryption); fall back to "Support but do not require TLS" or "No TLS support" if you have problems.

Ignore messages older than

Use this to have VSys ignore older messages so it doesn't import hundreds or thousands of already-handled e-mails from your Outlook account.

Message type mapping rules

Add one or more rules here to define what kind of incoming message VSys makes from this e-mail.

Default incoming message type

For messages which didn't match any mapping rules, VSys will make them into incoming messages of this type.

After downloading, change message color flag

(MAPI only) After VSys retrieves a message from Outlook, it can optionally change the "color" of the message in Outlook so that you know it's been downloaded into VSys.

Only download messages from known e-mail addresses

(MAPI only) Checking this box will tell VSys to ignore messages in Outlook which come from people that it can't locate in VSys. Use this to have VSys only process messages from known volunteers.

Process these messages as responses sent by staff to volunteers

See E-mail Responses to Volunteers.

MAPI example:

POP example:

Right-click on an incoming e-mail setting and click Test to have VSys try out those settings without actually retrieving the mail. VSys will show you a report of how it connected and the messages that it would have retrieved if it wasn't in testing mode.

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