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E-mail Responses Directly to Volunteers

When you respond to a volunteer's message by e-mail, rather than by using VSys itself, VSys doesn't normally "know" about your response and can't track the conversation. To be able to send e-mails to your volunteers from your regular e-mail account and have VSys track them,

  1. Set up a separate e-mail account, for example "volresponses@ourorg.org".
  2. Define an e-mail profile that checks that account for e-mails.
  3. In that profile, check the box Process these messages as responses sent by staff to volunteers.
  4. Have VSys regularly check that e-mail account for messages.
  5. Whenever you respond to a volunteer by e-mail, cc: or bcc: the e-mail account that you just defined.

Under these circumstances, when VSys sees an e-mail in this account, it assumes that it's from a staff member and to a volunteer. It will look at who the e-mail is being sent to, rather than from, in order to tie it to a volunteer's profile.

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