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Holiday Greeting Rule Details

Each holiday greeting rule has its own set of details. You can set up your holiday greetings years in advance and VSys will show them only when appropriate.
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Field name



A description for your own use. This will not appear to the volunteer.


Select a holiday from the defined list of holidays. You can create your own on the Setup panel by using the Holidays link.

Kiosk locations

If kiosk locations are enabled, then you can limit which kiosks these greetings are displayed on.

VSys Live Kiosk locations

Which - if any - VSys Live Kiosk sites this should be used for.

Template to use

Select a letter template here. You'll define the letter templates themselves on the Letters, mailing labels, e-mails panel using the Letter templates tool. For a letter template to be usable here, it must have the Letter type of Holiday greeting.

Minimum/Maximum age

For birthday greetings only, lets you limit the ages of the recipients who receive this message. (You may want to define a different greeting for your teenage volunteers than the one that goes to your seniors.) Setting both values to "0" means "no restrictions on age".

Valid for people in which groups

Checking any groups here will limit these greetings to only people in one or more of these groups.

Number of days before...

If the volunteer signs in up to this point before the holiday, the greeting will be shown early.

Number of days after...

If the greeting hasn't been shown yet, and it's up to this many days after the holiday, the greeting will still be shown.


If inactive, the greeting won't be shown to anyone, but isn't deleted either.

If the greeting isn't shown to the person between the (holiday date minus Number of days before) through (holiday date plus Number of days after), the greeting won't be shown at all that year.

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