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Remembering Searches

There are two easy way of saving searches to use them again later: bookmarks and Load/save criteria.

To make a bookmark, click on (add bookmark); that bookmark includes all of the settings on your screen now: filters, columns shown, etc. Or click on Person lookup to add the bookmark or replace the current bookmark that you have open (if any).

Click on the Load/save criteria link, then on Settings to save the settings independently of any bookmarks. Saving settings as "General" makes a setting that can be used and edited by other users as well. Click on Save, then name the search and click OK to save the current criteria. Use the same link to re-load criteria that you've saved in the past.

As default

Always loads automatically as your default when you open this tool.


Saved and visible by everyone and selectable from the Load link.


Saved for your use and selectable from the Load link.

If VSys Security is enabled, VSys will remember your criteria separately from those of other users. You won't see the searches saved by other people and they won't see yours. If security is not enabled, VSys does its best to differentiate between you and other users based on a combination of your Windows login name and the name of the machine you're using.

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