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VSys Web News Setup

VSys Web news items appear on the main page of VSys Web and are a place for you to place news items, requests for help, giving opportunities, or pretty much any other information you want displayed. Use the Web news editor to define news items.

From the VSys Web panel click on VSys Web news.
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On the right-click menu

Right-click on a news item to edit or delete it.

Add a news item

Creates a news item from scratch.

Make inactive

Inactive items are never shown, but can be reactivated if you think you may use this item again in the future.


Edits this news item in the News item editor.


Opens this news item in read-only mode.


Marks the current item for deletion (or for non-deletion).

The changes you make here do not take effect until you've synchronized your database with the web database.

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