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Enabling VSys Web

Enabling VSys Web requires four steps:

Contact VSys One support

Call or e-mail us to let us know that you want to use the VSys Web interface. We'll set up a MySQL database for you on our servers as well as make a few system entries for your VSys Web site to work. You will be assigned a URL like http://yourorg.vsyshost.com as the initial site. If you have your own website, for example http://www.yourorg.org or something like that, we can work with your technical folks to also set up http://volunteers.yourorg.org as a friendlier name for your volunteers to use and remember.

Turning on the web features in VSys

  1. From the VSys One home screen, go into the Setup panel, then open up System preferences and feature enabling.
  2. On the Feature enabling panel, check VSys Web.
  3. Save your changes, then exit VSys One and restart VSys for the changes to take effect.

Setting up VSys Web on your copy of VSys

See VSys Web Settings.

Synchronizing with the database for the first time

Because VSys Web and your local copy of VSys do not communicate in real time, you must use the synchronization tool to upload your changes to VSys Web and to download new applications into your data. See VSys Web Synchronization for more details on this process.

Technical notes

VSys Web does not require any special software on your machines other than VSys One itself. VSys must be able to establish a connection to your MySQL database on our server, though, which means that your software and/or hardware firewalls must permit outgoing TCP traffic on port 3306.

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