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Hosted VSys Troubleshooting

Issues come up; this section will help you work through most common issues.

Wrong domain/password issues

If you attempt to log in and are presented with one of the errors below, it is likely the wrong domain or incorrect password were used.

Ensure sure that hostedvsys\ is before your User name. This will ensure that you are accessing the correct domain. If you are still running into this issue, it is likely that you are typing the wrong password. This will require a password reset. Please send an email to hosting@vsysone.com and a new temporary password will be sent back to you within 24 hours.

Expired Password

Passwords will expire after 42 days. You will receive the following message if this is the case.

Please send an e-mail to hosting@vsysone.com and we will provide a new temporary password to you.

Firewall issue

If you receive this error, it is most likely a firewall issue on your end that may be preventing the connection from being established. Please check with your IT department that they allow access on the following ports and protocols:

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