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Returning Volunteers Applications

After signing in to VSys Live, your returning volunteer will need one or more applications for updating their information or signing up. Choose the application(s) you want to make available to them. For each:

  1. Allow existing people with the appropriate statuses to use those applications. Just because the volunteer is logged in, doesn't mean that an application available to only Active people will work! In the application's properties,
  2. Optionally create a field visibility rule to show or hide fields. You'd do this to, for example, show special instructions to returning volunteers vs. new or currently active ones. Apply that rule to fields you want to show only to returning volunteers.
  3. Optionally create an application processing rule to change the volunteer's Status when the application is submitted.
  4. Save and test the application. Pay particular attention to ensuring that the right people get access to it, and that their Status, Type, etc. are changed appropriately based on your rules.

If you've used an application processing rule to change the person's Status to Active or New web applicant, for example, they remain logged in as "inactive but eligible for return" until they log out. After that when they next log in, they'll be active, which means they're handled as a whatever their current status is. Want to be able to tell who's re-applied? Use that same application processing rule to add the volunteer to a list.

An existing volunteer who's completing an application will see their demographics and most other previous fields filled out already: keep that in mind when deciding what fields to place on the application.

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