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Enabling "Inactive but eligible for return"

How does this work?

Normally your site will be set to disallow login by inactive, retired, or other volunteers who are no longer working with you based on the settings on the Login panel in the site's General site settings. Don't change those rules! Instead decide, for those who are disallowed by those rules, who should be allowed to return - or at least who should have the limited access we're setting up here.

When someone logs into VSys Live, VSys checks:


Decide what your criteria should be. Specific person types? Groups? Statuses? Need an Intellilist? A volunteer is considered "inactive but eligible for return" if they do not meet the site's login requirements but do meet these other criteria.

  1. Create a visibility rule.
    Visibility rules are used to control who sees various things in VSys Live based on simple or complex criteria. To hide, for example, VSys Live dashboard from inactive volunteers, create a visibility rule. Set Logged in as inactive but eligible for return to Not logged in as inactive but eligible for return leaving most other fields as No requirement. Apply this visibility rule to the dashboard on the home page, or to custom calendars, entire pages, etc.
  2. Use your visibility rule(s) to limit what tools and information they see in "My info" or other places using that visibility rule.
  3. If the normal "home" page for logged-in users has a lot of things on it that you don't want to hide/show individually, or if you want to have a special page for returning volunteers, optionally make a whole page for them. This page could then contain special instructions for them with links to the appropriate applications. (You may want to start with a copy of the normal "home" page and edit from there.) This page will be automatically shown to volunteers signed in using these rules.
  4. Optionally create a VSys Live menu for these volunteers.
    VSys Live shows the standard page menu on all pages, including the one for online applications. You can use visibility rules to show/hide items on this menu, or you can create a separate menu just for them.
  5. Enable all of these:


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