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Incoming Messages Manager (VSys Anywhere)

The Incoming Messages Manager is used to handle messages sent to VSys via e-mail, SMS/text message or the "Send a message" tools in VSys Live/VSys Kiosk.

Filter on Message types, Methods, etc. then click Search.

Click on a person's name to open their profile in a new window; a message where the Sender is "(unknown)" is one where VSys was unable to determine the sender based on the message's source (e-mail address, phone number, etc.). In order to send a reply, you first must link the message back to a person in VSys (below).


Click Edit to open the message. If the sender is not set, search for the person using the Find sender field. Change any other values then click Save.


Click Reply to send a message back to this person.

  1. Select E-mail or SMS/text message with Reply method.
  2. Enter your reply into Response (this will be HTML for e-mails and plain text for SMS/text messages).
  3. Optionally change the incoming message's Status to know that you're done with it, add tags to it for later reporting/filtering/handling, and/or include additional comments with Add comments.
  4. Click Save to have VSys queue the message for delivery by the Standalone e-mail robot.

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