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Opportunity Recruiting

In this example we show an intuitive way to recruit volunteers for specific opportunities using a combination of open schedule jobs, the job/opportunity action link and an application form.

Managing recruiting is easy: define the open schedule jobs and leave them active while you're still recruiting. Make them inactive when you're done, or set the Last date available to have VSys automatically hide the opportunity when that date is passed.

When setting up open schedule jobs, if you check the field Hide in VSys Live lookup, volunteers won't see that job when they're looking for it. But that doesn't mean you can't share the permalink to that job with select volunteers! Using that permalink they can still see and sign up for the open schedule job, while others without that link can't find it.

Opportunity lookup

More info


Check the URL for the application: by being sent to the application from the job lookup tool, and having selected an open schedule job there , this application will be submitted linked to that open schedule job.

Application approval

Note the "Open schedule job" column: it indicates which one was selected when the application was completed. If you open this person's profile, you'll find a brand-new job association there, too:

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