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Opportunity Recruiting: Merge Templates

Merge templates are ugly and complicated, but very, very powerful. We won't go into all of their details here, but instead will focus on just the aspects relevant to opportunity recruiting.

Listing template

The merge template used for the listing of opportunities has only one requirements: it must have a Type of Open schedule jobs; everything beyond that is gravy. Place information about the open schedule job here that you want displayed when the search results are displayed, and add any CSS styles and classes as appropriate.

Signup template

When used for signup, the merge template needs to include the actual links to the signup applications. By right-clicking in the template body and selecting Insert then Open schedule jobs, insert Application link (if logged in)... to create the link for use by existing volunteers, and Application link (if not logged in)... to create the link for new volunteers. In the example above VSys will create a button (class="buttonWrapper") and the caption of that button will be "Apply now". Note that VSys will be smart here: it will only create one of these links - the appropriate one based on whether someone is logged in or not, or no links at all if it can't find an appropriate application to use.

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