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Custom Notification Templates

All notifications know how to generate their own notification texts. These describe the reason for the notification, but aren't pretty and are mostly intended for internal use. To send notifications to your volunteers you'll want to make them friendlier, and so some notification events support Use custom template to create notification text. (Those that don't still support Edit notification text, but that's just static text that doesn't include any information about the details of the notification.)

Custom templates are much like mail merges in that you can set your formatting and right-click to include data fields. (Images are not supported.) When each notification is generated, VSys will do a "merge" which combines the template with the information about the event to generate the notification text.

Combined notifications

In some cases, notifications can be combined together on delivery. Checking Combine multiple notifications... tells VSys to combine them if possible and lets you define how you want them to go together.

Header text (appears before the items):

Footer text (added after all items):

This could produce, for example,
Happy birthdays to: Jane Smith: 40, Bill Jackson: 22, John Doe: 33. We're glad you're with us another year!

Website reference

Depending on how notifications are delivered, the Website reference field may have different results. All notifications support "(none)" and "Fixed URL".

Certain notifications such as "Slots needing volunteers" can include special website URLs that are specific to the notification, in this case a link to the job opening in VSys Live. Selecting "VSys Live site" here will tell VSys to include a URL which points to this job opening. If you have more than one VSys Live site, you'll have to pick which site you want referenced.


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