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Specific person

For these notifications you're selecting an individual person in VSys - usually a staff member, supervisor, etc. - and assigning notification events to him. VSys will use the contact information in that person's profile to determine where to send the notification.

General delivery

"General delivery" notifications are visible by everyone in your VSys installation through the "Notification window in VSys One". They appear in a block on the VSys One home screen. Use these if your organization is small and you're not using VSys Security, or for notifications that everyone should see.

Automatic recipients

For "Automatic recipients", VSys attempts to determine who in VSys should be notified based on the notification. For example, a notification about Self-cancelled interview would be sent to the interviewer assigned to that interview (if possible). Some notification events like Indices need rebuilding can't be used with this subscriber.

Primary supervisor

"Primary supervisor" notifications are sent to the primary supervisor for the related person. The primary supervisor must first be defined in the person's profile in the Relationships panel. Notification events not associated with people, for example, Standalone E-mail Robot not running, are not available for this subscriber.

"Automatic recipient" and "Primary supervisor" are considered virtual subscribers by VSys. This means that they're not associated with a real person and VSys attempts to match the appropriate recipient based on what it knows about the event. Subscriptions for these subscribers can optionally be flagged to not be sent to people who have their own explicit subscriptions for the same types of events.

Referenced person

Only certain types of notifications are eligible to be used for this virtual subscriber. For each notification, VSys will determine who the referenced person is. For example, an assignment's referenced person would be the volunteer, and a training's referenced person would be the student. You can use this virtual subscriber to define, for example, a notification that is sent to everyone in a training course ten days before the course begins.

Notification relationship

Notifications generated for application forms can determine who to notify based on people with relationships to the Requested site and/or Requested department. This is a virtual subscriber.

Special subscriptions

Others in job slot

Applicable only to notifications based around job slots, these generate notifications to all of volunteers in the job slot. This is a virtual subscriber. (For cancelled assignments, they're not sent to the person whose assignment is cancelled.)

Recipients via relationship to the referenced person's groups

This convoluted virtual subscriber generates notifications to the people who have a "Group notification contact" relationship to the groups of the person that the notification references. The "Recipients via relationship to the referenced person's groups" is deprecated in favor of the "Recipients via subscription in VSys Security rights" mechanism which is much more straightforward to use.

Others with job association

Only used for "Self-cancelled assignment" and "Slots needing volunteers", this generates notifications to other volunteers who have active job associations for the referenced job. You'd most commonly use these to notify volunteers who are eligible to replace the volunteer whose assignment is cancelled, or to find volunteers for the job slot that is still not filled. This is a virtual subscriber.

Recipients via subscription in VSys Security rights

Within a VSys Security user's security profile, that user can be linked to requested sites, requested departments and/or groups. Notifications for this virtual subscriber get sent to the VSys Security users who are linked to:

  • One or more groups associated with the person referenced in the notification.
  • The Requested site or Requested department associated with the application referenced in the notification.

Supervisors defined for the associated job

For events that are associated with jobs, e.g. anything related to hours, assignments, slots, etc., this sends the notification to all people who are defined as supervisors in the definition of the job or that job's job group.

All supervisors of the referenced person

Sends the notifications to all people who have an explicit supervisory relationship to the person or who supervise upcoming assignments for that person, or those who supervise active job associations for that person.

Designated alternates of the current recipient

Sends the notifications to people who have the relationship "Designated alternate" to the referenced person.

Recipients via properties of a recent application

VSys will look at the Requested site and/or Requested department from recent applications submitted by the person referenced in the application in order to find the right people to notify. You can filter on the application type and statuses, then which properties VSys should use to find the recipient(s).

In this example, VSys will look at both the Requested department and Requested site of recent applications with a Status of Approved or Pending. If a person has two or more applications which meet your criteria, VSys will use only the most recent one. An application that's more recent but doesn't meet your filters on application type and status is ignored; VSys will continue to look at older applications until it finds one that matches your filters.

After finding a matching application, VSys will get the recipients from the Send notification e-mails to field and the Relationships from both the Requested department and Requested site.

If the referenced person doesn't have any recent applications, or none that meet your criteria, no notifications will be sent.

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