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Multiple Instances of the Standalone E-mail Robot Service

If you have multiple VSys One databases, you need one instance of the Standalone E-mail Robot per database: each instance can only connect to and deliver mail for a single database at a time. Microsoft Windows does not permit more than one copy of the same service running on a single machine, however. To work around this, the Standalone E-mail Robot can be installed as a service more than once on the same machine by giving each instance its own name.


  1. Create one folder per Standalone E-mail Robot instance. (This is important because the Standalone E-mail Robot will look to the VSys.ini file to determine the correct database to connect to unless the /database option was used when installing the service.)
  2. Copy the VSysOneEmailRobot.exe and VSys.ini files into one of these folders.
  3. From the command prompt in one of these folders, type:
    VSysOneEmailRobot /INSTALL /SERVICENAME:xyz
    Where "xyz" is the name you want to call this instance of the service. That name must be unique. Omitting the /SERVICENAME parameter results in the service having its default name, "VSysOneStandaloneEmailRobot".
    Include the /DATABASE:abc parameter to have the service use a specific database rather than the default database.
  4. Repeat this process for any other service instances you want to install.


From the command prompt in the appropriate folder, type
This uninstalls just that one service. Repeat for other services as appropriate.

After uninstalling a service, if the service remains visible in the Windows "Services" tool with a status of "Disabled", close and re-open the Windows "Statuses" tool.

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