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SMS/Text Message Manager

The SMS/text message manager gives you quick access to the basic tools for your SMS account.
SMS/text message manager screen

SMS account status

This is the status of your account, the last time messages were checked on the Twilio server, and a link to set up your account. Click Set up your SMS account to configure your SMS account.


If your account's status shows as "Active/verified", use this tool to send a test message.

Get incoming messages and statuses of sent messages

Click this to retrieve new incoming messages and verify the status of previously sent messages. Because of limitations in Twilio's API, VSys may retrieve the same incoming messages more than once, and check the status of outbound messages more than once. This will not result in duplicate messages being created in VSys.



Opens up the SMS Settings tool.

SMS Robot

Sends you to the SMS Robot for sending pending SMS messages.

Incoming messages

Brings you to the Incoming messages manager tool where you can see and respond to incoming messages.

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