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SMS Robot

The SMS Robot works much like the E-mail Robot does: it finds and sends pending outbound SMS messages. Open the SMS/text message robot or by clicking on SMS Robot from within the SMS Manager.

Steps in this task

  1. Do a mail merge and save the letters without printing. The letter template you use should have its method set to "SMS", allowing the letter to be sent via SMS.
  2. Open the SMS Robot.
    SMS robot screen
  3. Set the Criteria on the left navigation bar to the appropriate values to select the messages you want to send.
  4. Click on the Get messages button. Only letters which meet your criteria, are associated with people who have a valid SMS number, and are not associated with people marked as "Do not SMS" will appear here.
  5. Click the Send selected messages button. VSys will send each message one at a time, marking each as "Sent" and setting its Mailed date to the current date as it's finished. Note messages whose Don't send after value is in the past will be skipped. This generally means that the message is no longer relevant, e.g. an assignment reminder for an assignment which has already passed.

At any point during the sending process you can cancel the operation and the SMS Robot will stop. Any messages sent at this point are already gone, and cannot be cancelled.

The Standalone E-mail Robot also delivers SMS messages. If you are already running the Standalone E-mail Robot then there's no need to run the SMS Robot.

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