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Detail Filtering/Sorting

Some detail portions of reports in VSys can be filtered and sorted in custom reports. These filters/sorts apply to the detail pipelines/bands of the report rather than the primary records. For example, let's take a report based on people where you're including all of each person's upcoming trainings. The report settings will filter the people, by perhaps groups or status. The detail filters let you filter and sort the training records themselves. By default all of the person's trainings would be included in the report, and the trainings can't be filtered by the main filters in the report. Even filters on "training" there affect what people are included (e.g. what people have 1+ training in the next three months). Once the person is in included, all of his details are included unless you use detail filtering. Detail filtering lets you limit it to specific dates and pick how the trainings are sorted.

Filtering and Sorting

To edit the filtering and/or sorting in a report, click on the Detail filtering/sorting link. (If no filtering or sorting is possible, you'll get a message saying "No detail filtering or sorting is available for this report".)

Detail filtering/sorting window showing filtering on trainings

The details which can be filtered or sorted on show as tabs along the top. For each, you can choose to filter or not (Use specific filters here) or (Don't filter XXX).

You also have the option of requiring that each person/record have one or more of these detail records. In the example above, Require one or more trainings is checked. Any person who meets the report's overall criteria but does not have a training will be excluded.

Select the dates to be detailed. In the example above the open-ended date will give everything since August 17, 2010 through any future trainings scheduled.

The option to sort the details is independent of the filtering. For example, in a report which includes each training the volunteer has, you can sort those trainings so that the most recent one comes first, the oldest at the end.

Example of detail sorting by start date and then subject

These filters and sorts are saved and loaded with the overall report's settings.

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