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Letter Types

Every letter has a letter type. These let you categorize your letters and group them by what is being communicated. When filtering or searching on letters, you can do that by letter type when you don't care which birthday card the person got (e.g. "Staff birthday", "Junior volunteer birthday" or "Senior volunteer birthday" letters) or by specific letter when it does matter (e.g. the "TB test clear" letter means something very different than the "TB test positive" letter.)

To define letter types, click Setup letter types on the left navigation bar from within Letter templates and then click Add letter type to add a new type.

Letter types screen


(for your own use)

Prevent sending by...

If any of these are checked, VSys will prevent letters of this type from being sent by e-mail, showing in VSys Live, or showing in VSys Kiosk/VSys Live Kiosk.

Excluded contact flags

Checking any of these tells VSys to check each recipient's contact flags; if the recipient has any of the same flags as are checked here, they're ineligible to receive that letter.

Maximum sent per hour...

Use this to have VSys rate limit e-mails of these types.

Right-click tools

Add letter type

Creates a new letter type.


Opens this letter type in read-only mode.


Edits this letter type.

Make inactive

Marks the letter type as inactive, which means it won't be used in any new outgoing letters but is not deleted.


Removes this letter type. VSys will not let you delete a letter type which is in use by any letters.

Merge with another letter type here

Changes the name of this letter type with another on the list.

Letter types in italics are built-in types and cannot be edited or deleted.

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