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Letter Reply (RSVP) Statuses

VSys lets you associate an RSVP status with each letter in order to track things like invitations. To define the RSVP statuses that can be used, from Letter templates, click on Setup reply/RSVP statuses. The built-in types are in italics and cannot be edited or deleted, but you can make any number of your own.

On the right-click menu

Add RSVP status

Creates a new status.


Opens this status in read-only mode.


Edits this status.

Make inactive

Marks the status as inactive, which means it won't be used in any new letters but is not deleted.


Removes this RSVP status. Note VSys will not let you delete an RSVP status which is in use by any letters.

Merge with another RSVP type here

Changes the name of this RSVP type with another on the list.

To track the RSVPs as they come back in, you can edit the RSVP by going to the Letters sent panel in the person's Profile editor and right-clicking on the letter.

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