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Non-Slot Assignments in the Jobs/Slots Calendar Tool

Non-slot assignments are not associated with a specific job slot, and may be individual or recurring.

Two non-slot jobs shown on the job slots calendar tool

Recurring assignments that show here are the detail assignments, i.e. the daily assignments within a recurring assignment's definition. If you create a recurring assignment here you'll see the recurring assignment itself until you leave the Jobs/slots calendar tool, after which time you'll only see the detail assignments.

On the right-click menu

Edit this assignment

Edits only this assignment, no future assignments.

Find a replacement

Searches for another person who is qualified to do this job by finding those who have past or current assignments and hours for that job, or who have a current job association for that job.


View or edit the person, send the person a letter, see the person's calendar, check their availability or add/remove them from lists.

See tracked changes

Shows when changes have been made to this assignment and who made them. (Only available if tracing is enabled.)

View job setup

Read-only access to the job definition and setup.


Shows changes made to individual aspects of the assignment, who made them and when.

Delete assignment

Deletes this assignment from the system, removing all record of its existence. To cancel an assignment, edit it and change its status to "Cancelled" instead.

Recurring assignment

Extend or edit the rules for this recurring assignment going forward.

Non-slot assignments are only visible here when the Show non-slot assignments box is checked.

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