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VSys Web Appearance

These options allow you to define many customizations as to how your organization's website looks and works.
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Field name


When a visitor opens this site...

Use this when you're migrating from VSys Web to VSys Web Advanced or VSys Live: visitors to the old site can be automatically redirected to the new one.

Organization name

The name of your organization. This is used in many places in VSys Web, including confirmation e-mails and on various pages. It must not be blank.

Don't include at top of page

Normally VSys Web will put the organization's name atop the graphic at the top of the screen. Check this to not put the text up there.

Organization e-mail

Used to send notification e-mails about submitted applications, etc.

Web server

The name that your VSys Web site is known by. It may be "yourorg.vsyshost.com", it may be "volunteers.yourorg.org", or some other value.

Welcome line

This shows at the top of every page.

Body title

Below the news and signup sections, you can enter your own freeform text. This is the label that goes above that text.

Body content (in HTML)

This is the freeform text containing a description of your organization, news, or anything else you want.

Title image

If you specify an image here, VSys Web will show it in the title bar above the website. Click on the icon to select a PNG or JPEG image to be used. Click on the Clear link to remove the image.

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